Matt Kirchner

Every Client is Different. Every Audience is Different. Don’t Insult the intelligence of either with a Boilerplate Presentation! A professional presentation or keynote should be catered to the objectives of the paying client and to the unique characteristics, professions and industries represented by the audience. Is the audience to be entertained? Challenged to think in a new way? Educated? A little of each? Matt invests the necessary time up-front, understands the goals and unique objectives of the paying client, and pulling from decades of experience and more than thirty hours of potential content delivers a presentation that is unique to each audience and event. A one-of-a-kind signature presentation intended to achieve the goals of the client, every time.

So view the examples that follow as just that – examples of past presentations delivered to invigorated and pleased audiences around the globe, each surpassing the expectations of the client.



We are living in an “Exponential Economy”. Products in consumer electronics, computers, medical equipment, and telecommunications markets are doubling in price performance every 12 to 18 months.

The little known truth is that this rate of change doesn’t just affect high tech markets – it affects everything – especially the sales and marketing processes. Customers and consumers are more informed than ever before yet struggle to find the time to stay current on rapid changes in technology or to complete all of their tasks. They require instant information and demand things right the first time. Inventory levels are nil, product cycles are short and commerce is global. Huge opportunities await business development professionals who leverage these realities into “Exponential Revenue Growth”. Matt Kirchner has identified “60 Rules in an Exponential Economy”; 60 ways that U.S. Businesses must change in order to survive and win in the Exponential Economy. In this fascinating and entertaining presentation, Matt Kirchner provides enlightening observations about The Exponential Economy, and then chooses ten to fifteen of the sixty rules most applicable to the specific audience; enabling attendees to leverage the “Exponential Economy” to drive top line performance.


Virtually overnight the world of business-to-business selling completely changed. The days of the friendly salesman dropping by with bakery and chewing the fat with his longtime customers in exchange for longtime loyalty are long gone. Cold calls get shut down by gatekeepers – if there’s a gatekeeper at all. Automated attendants convert phone calls into unanswered voicemails and repeated emails end their short lives as a pile of electrons in the target’s junk mailbox.

The attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, skills and abilities now necessary for success in this new environment are totally different from where they were just a few short years ago and today’s B2B sales people need an entirely different approach.

Enter “Nobody Wants My Doughnuts Anymore”. Presenter Matt Kirchner, the unusual combination of a CPA turned CEO / Sales Entrepreneur, combines his deep knowledge of customer financial decision models with more than two decades of experience selling and leading sales teams to produce powerful fact-based sales strategies. Learn ultra-creative ways to find new prospects and to pry open the door to them. Adjust your value proposition and sales presentations to immediately establish credibility with your prospects and answer their questions before they ask them. Understand the financial and performance-based decision models that prospects large and small use to select suppliers and learn how to position your company and products to come out on top. Praised for his ability to explain otherwise complex concepts in a simple manner that can be easily grasped by those unfamiliar with the ways of finance and accounting in a fashion that keeps the audience riveted Kirchner pushes your business development team to approach their work in a powerful new way that promises to yield top and bottom line growth.

Matt Kirchner

THE EIGHT STEPS TO FINANCIAL TURNAROUND (even if your company doesn’t need one)

Turnaround Artists (experts whose job it is to quickly improve the performance of troubled companies) follow eight specific steps that create substantial and rapid improvement in financial and operational performance. The little known secret is that the process they follow is not just for struggling companies. Instead, the process can be used in every business. Learn the 8 Steps to a Financial Turnaround, how they will result in the successful redirection of any company and generate significantly higher performance and profits.


Change. American business invests billions of dollars every year in this one word. Change. Is it time for your organization to move on to the next best thing? All too often we make the mistake of embarking on a new initiative before ensuring that the last “new initiative” has been properly implemented and measured, and that a process is in place to sustain its benefits into the future. When we do this we simply waste huge amounts of resources while frustrating and confusing our people. What if there was a process that first ensured that the benefits of the last “flavor of the month” were sealed up and sustained before we moved on to the next big initiative or project? There is. The 5th “S” Pentagon.


What if you could grow your business by 40% without adding a single employee and without adding a dime to your cost? Imagine your team completing in a day what now takes three days. How much better could you serve your customers? By how much could you grow?

Results like these are not the products of miracles. Most organizations are capable of producing similar results, they just lack a formal approach to business and process improvement. Learn what companies all over the United States have already discovered. The Kaizen approach to continuous improvement can yield extraordinary results. In this presentation Matt Kirchner provides a step by step overview of the Kaizen process and shares several case studies that demonstrate how coatings operation leaders have used Kaizen to drive astonishing improvements. Even better, the presentation is fast paced and down to earth, providing real world examples and tools that can be used by any business person – the very next day!