How do I build and recruit the best team for my business? What should I do when cash flow gets tight? I want to define a winning value proposition — where do I start? What approach should I take in leading my sales team? I keep waking up at three in the morning worried about my business, is there a way to keep this all in perspective? These are just a handful of business projects that Profit360 has assisted its clients in addressing. With over two decades of experience in the fields of business turnarounds and operational excellence, Matt Kirchner excels at helping business owners and professionals build winning organizations. Whether your next challenge is defining a pricing strategy, approaching Fortune 500 accounts, creating the right customer profile, facilitating lean events or creating a growing company culture, Profit360 has the tools and expertise to get you there.


B2B Selling is NOT what it used to be. The psychology and approach to winning new business are totally new. Alternatives to cold calling, anticipating and addressing objections before they are raised, understanding a prospect's financial decision model and pitching accordingly are key to success. Finding and connecting with decision makers, analyzing customer personality traits and catering the value proposition in a way that will be most appealing, consultative selling and building instant credibility are all part of the new world of business development. Profit360 is your path to achievement in the new world of selling.

Turnaround advising

There is perhaps no greater business challenge than that of running a struggling business. Waking in the middle of the night sweating payroll, worrying about paying creditors and the bank, a legacy in jeopardy. Not easy! Matt Kirchner has led four successful business turnarounds and advised clients during dozens of others. Facing reality, keeping business troubles in perspective, getting the best people on the team, focusing on and measuring the right things, rapidly improving efficiency and growing revenue and building a winning culture are critical to quickly moving the needle in the right direction. Let Profit360 show you how.

Mergers & aquistions

Successfully navigating an ownership transition requires equal amounts of knowledge, savvy, timing and negotiating skills. Over more than 20 years Matt Kirchner has participated in and led the purchase, sale and recapitalization of multiple companies. From determining value, finding the right buyer or acquisition target, understanding the steps to buying or selling, to properly integrating an acquired company in a way that retains and maximizes value, count on Profit360 to help you along the way.

Keynote services

The keys to a world class Keynote Address are to understand the goal of the presentation as defined by the organizer of the event, understand the audience and the market in which they conduct business and then to simultaneously entertain and educate them while provoking them to action. In doing so Matt Kirchner pulls from decades of senior management experience including business turnarounds, government relations, mergers and acquisitions and creating winning sales teams and cultures -- then combines it all with vitality and crisp delivery. Call on Matt to kick-off your next event with high energy, entertainment and education.

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Leadership Development

Profit360 is committed to helping business owners and executives build the next generation of business leaders. Creating a culture focused on success, guiding change, pricing strategically, continuous improvement, production efficiency, customer and market analysis, predictive analytics, focusing on the top 5 business priorities, and measuring and managing the proper data. These and dozens of other factors are the difference between attaining goals and missing them. The Profit360 team, with decades of business leadership experience, provides the direction and confidence your team needs to generate outstanding results. From identifying and finding the right members for your team to helping them lead the change your business needs, you can count on Profit360.

Matt Kirchner


For over ten years more than 40,000 readers worldwide have benefited from Matt Kirchner's monthly columns on leadership and management. Currently published in both Production Machining and Products Finishing magazines, his columns communicating his ideas, leadership philosophies and pragmatic advice, all the results of decades of "living in the trenches" of American Manufacturing, have been offered to manufacturers across the United States and Internationally. Also the author of numerous articles covering a wide variety of manufacturing-related stories and topics, Kirchner is thankful for and humbled by the opportunity to share his experiences with manufacturing leaders across the globe.

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